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Hot Aisle Containment

A bespoke, tailored solution fully integrated into MEP services

Supply only of HACS

Supply & install of HACS

Supply and install as part of Turn key solution

Red Bear recognises the need for a more effective hot-aisle containment system that aids power usage whilst reducing hot spots, and as such has specifically designed and built our own HACS.

The Red Bear hot-aisle containment system is fully integrated into all MEP services enabling mass energy cost reductions.

Efficient, predictable and controlled

HAC systems collect hot air from your data servers and channel it directly into your CRAC/CRAH intake. By containing the hot aisle, the hot and cold air streams are separated which makes cooling the air a lot more efficient and predictable, ultimately giving you greater control of your data centre cooling system.

Ideal for raised and slab floor data centres

  • HACS is not reliant on floor voids
  • Cool air from CRAC/CRAH units simply supplied into the room
  • Hot exhaust air vented into a plenum or ducts
  • Supply and return airflows completely separated
  • Doubling cooling capacity and reducing energy consumption

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