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ELV Solutions

Premium solutions aligned with client objectives

Building management solutions

Electrical Power Management Solutions

Security Solutions

We are a specialized team with profound expertise in commissioning, quality control, and maintenance of essential building management systems, electrical systems, and HVAC systems.

Hands-on project management from initial design through to commissioning and training, our global network of engineering and commissioning experts are trained and certified in all aspects of ELV deployment.

Building Management Solutions

Whether you require the design of a new BAS system, seamless integration of an existing system, or a comprehensive end-to-end solution, Red Bear Tech provides an extensive range of services for the construction and installation of diverse and intricate networks.

  • System design
  • Graphics and programming solutions
  • Quality control and tune up
  • BMS commissioning
  • Maintenance

Electrical Power Management Solutions

Red Bear engineers are technical specialists in the data centre, commercial space and storage facility infrastructure, specialising in the automation and power management of electrical installations and the construction of a complete electro-technical infrastructure.

  • Power distribution networks
  • Network monitoring
  • Testing and condition reports

Security Solutions

Ensuring your systems receive the protection they need to operate at optimal efficiency, safeguarding and protecting against break-ins, theft and round-the-clock monitoring, our range of security solutions is tailored to your needs.

  • Biometric access
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Data centre infrastructure monitoring
  • Physical security including CCTV and video surveillance


Uninterrupted operational performance due to best-in-class solutions.


The safety of your systems and data, your workforce, and ours is our primary focus.


From the technologies we deploy, the architecture we design and the best practices we adhere to, our service and team are setting new industry standards.

Working with the latest technologies and brands, Team Red Bear carries all of the global qualifications required for any ICT project.

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